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Tandem Cylinders

Tandem cylinders are the best solution when the force required in an application is high, but there is no possibility of increasing the diameter of the cylinder. Therefore, the resulting thrust force is given by the sum of the volumes of the cylinder chambers times the pressure acting on them.

Cylinders in tandem execution

Tandem cylinders can get multiple cylinders in series: two, three, four stages, based on the number of cylinders present.

Artec Pneumatic, a company specializing in pneumatic cylinders, is able to create cylinders in tandem execution both with ISO 15552 cylinders (H SERIES and U SERIES) and with ISO 21287 compact cylinders (P SERIES).

Artec Pneumatic

The H SERIES and U SERIES cylinders are combined with a flange, while the P SERIES compact cylinders are connected directly, thus saving further space. It is also possible to create tandem cylinders with UNITOP compact cylinders (A SERIES) and large bore compact cylinders (K SERIES).

All Artec Pneumatic pneumatic cylinders are designed, produced and assembled in the Cento (Ferrara) headquarters. Thanks to the presence of the mechanical workshop, which boasts more than 40 years of experience, it is also possible to request special versions of the cylinders, based on the customer’s needs and the requirements of the application.

Artec Pneumatic cylinders

Artec Pneumatic has been designing, manufacturing and distributing customized pneumatic cylinders for over 40 years, for Italy and the foreign market. Cylinders dedicated to industrial automation: powerful, resistant, reliable and precise.

Among the products offered by the Emilian company: ISO standard cylinders, stainless steel cylinders, compact cylinders, round cylinders, short-stroke cylinders, rodless cylinders, CNOMO cylinders, pneumatic grippers, accessories and mountings.

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