❝ Life is like riding a bicycle. To stay balanced you have to move ❞

Albert Einstein

The bicycle is a symbol of our territory

We are very attached to our territory, which is why we constantly try to develop and grow the company, also with the aim of creating new jobs.

It is well known that cycling in some areas of the Po Valley, in Emilia Romagna, is a good and healthy habit.

The bike allows you to be in contact with nature and beautiful views. The two wheels allow you to do physical activity and are in some way emotion, discipline and even a team game.

For about 20 years ARTEC Pneumatic has been a sponsor of Stella Alpina Renazzo Ciclismo , a cycling school in our territory engaged in the amateur sector, with both male and female.

The bicycle for us represents the union of several elements, which we also associate with our company philosophy: nature, relationships, activities and discipline.