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A new home for ARTEC Pneumatic

Certainly the sense of challenge is part of our DNA, we are used to looking beyond what we see, because we understand that we have the tools to build what we need.

When our new headquarters, so spacious, elegant, functional and eco-sustainable, was just a design, we never imagined that we would actually create it. Yet now we are here, with an extra piece in its place in our long journey of over 40 years of results. A path that has no final goal, because we will always be ready to put an extra challenge, to take a new step, to be and do better.

This new home for us means greater productivity, organization and streamlining of operational processes. It means synergy and health, in terms of collaboration and social relationships between us and with customers and suppliers, with whom we have the pleasure of working and who come to visit us.

5,200 square meters of surface in which we wanted to build everything we need to be efficient and functional. Here we house the administrative, managerial and commercial offices, technical offices, meeting rooms, training rooms. The entire production area is organized on the ground floor, ranging from the storage of raw materials and equipment for machine tools to the programming offices, from the specific assembly lines to the shipping department and a technologically organized vertical warehouse, which supports, in an easy way and precise, our daily activities.

Our headquarters is right in the heart of the Emilia area where the company started over 40 years ago. We are in Cento, in the province of Ferrara, in an area dedicated to industries that are committed to growing the social, economic and productive fabric in which they reside.

We are really happy, every day, to breathe the harmony that this new setting allows us to create.