❝ Having an overview, in-depth and shared with the company team, leads to concrete results because it is based on awareness and foresight ❞


We believe in the value of people

In our business, we focus our attention to the individuals, each one is part of the entire team. The strength of our team comes from each, with the personal and professional value.

We always follow one of our basic principles, which every element of a complex machine is fundamental, it has a strong responsibility and contributes to achieving the goal.

This is the reason why we have chosen to specialize in the production of only one product and to do it well: the pneumatic cylinder.

We think that there is a red line which connects our production choice to the organization of the people who work with us.

Every single element always has a strong responsibility when it goes inside with others in a great system.

We like to inform, leave room, create and offer tools for growth to our team, so that can always be aware of the company management, so that can support it and give it value with new ideas.

The goal is always active participation in projects and developing of training and knowledge. In this way the teamwork grants satisfaction to each.

For this reason, we organize updating courses, both group or single, and we push a continuous growth on several levels, not only technical but also on broad range.”

Some people with whom our audience interacts more often

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Graziano Gallerani
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Claudio Gallerani
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Maria Grazia
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Sales and Marketing Manager
Alberto Fortini
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Country Sales
Alessandro Guarino
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Foreign Trade
Elisa Fortini
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Foreign Trade
Gregorio Randone
❝ Without constant growth and progress, words like improvement, achievement and success have no meaning ❞

Benjamin Franklin

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