❝ We like challenges, because the results we get, always amaze us. ❞


ARTEC Pneumatic

For over 40 years, we are supporting industrial automation companies and manufacturers all over the world.

We design, produce, and supply pneumatic cylinders, in aluminium and stainless steel, exactly as needed, in different contexts and uses.

Our cylinders are strong, resistant, and precise, made in Italy, thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the entire system in which they will be used and of the market.

We chose to specialize in one thing, and to do it with the highest precision. So, we can respond to every request, we can design special products, to improve what already is on the market and make it even more performing.

Our business core is made up of people who fight every day to excel and achieve new results, creating exactly what is needed for the market we are targeting. We all believe in the same corporate objectives and share values, projects, and actions.

The internal workshop, equipped with a strong warehouse, allows us to be independent in decisions, fast in answering to our customers, organized in production and deliveries.

We always support and we are always and close to the companies which choose to work with us, at each stage of selling process: from design to production, from technical and commercial consultancy to after-sales support.

For over 40 years, a history of growth and challenges.

Our company was founded in 1982 in Cento, near Ferrara, in the industrial heart of Emilia Romagna region.

From the beginning the aim of the founders was to be very specialized, in order to be really excellent in an specific industrial activity. For this reason, every effort was only focused on the production of compact, short-stroke pneumatic cylinders, making the company in a short time an important point of reference in the field.

In 2008, the new company management, the same of today, succedes. It reorganizes the activities and invests to redefine, renew and improve the entire production and design process, to offer to customer an unique, functional and broad offer.

Today we offer a range of pneumatic cylinders able to filful every market need, thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the sector, to technological investments, research, continuous training and careful listening to requests, an essential element for us to continue to develop and improve technically.

We like to work with people who love what they do, who share values with us and who carry out and make growing relationships every day. In this way we can guarantee to our customers a clear, confidential, punctual and rewarding service.

Over 40 years of experience in a specific sector of the industry increase awareness and knowledge, increase sensitivity and technique, and for us these are essential keys to make our job better every day. From our point of view, nowadays a company must be able to look ahead, to set objectives and challenges to grow, to take care of dynamics and people, offering its professional contribution to evolve, respecting the continuous changes in the market.

The last challenge we got, and which we completed with great satisfaction, was the construction of the new company headquarters, in order to get a multifunctional plant, which could host all departments, from production to the warehouse, from administrative offices to the commercial department, from technical assistance to training, together with structured areas to host visitors, customers and to develop interactive activities.

Every day we fight to pass limits and this stimulates us to achieve new results, to evolve and respect the corporate dream that we all share: make the company growing and make it more and more a global reference point for pneumatic cylinders. We are already present in many parts of the world, now we are concentrating on expanding contacts and business relationships in new markets.

Not just cylinders, continuous search for precision

Following the new ownership, in 2008, we focused on the production of a larger and more complete catalog of products, with the target of responding to every need of the pneumatic market with precision, punctuality and efficiency.

Today we offer a range of pneumatic cylinders from bore 8 up to 320 mm. Together with the short-stroke and compact cylinders, the company’s historical products, we now offer cylinders in accordance with ISO 15552, ISO 21287, ISO 6432, stopper cylinders as well as a range of cylinders made of stainless steel (AISI 304 or 316).

In addition to the standard cylinders, we are also able to offer special versions in order to satisfy the customized needs of our customers.

The series of rod fixing accessories, made of aluminum and stainless steel, and the magnetic sensors for cylinders, complete our offer, to grant flexibility in management and maintenance.

Every step we made in our business pushed us to create a complete internal production cycle, from design to production, from sales to assistance. At every stage we are present, close to our customers, and we make what they need with logistic, technical and organizational processes which guarantee of quality and efficiency. We created a production path that is synonymous of quality, thanks to the ISO 9001: 2015 certification issued by the independent company TÜV Italia. In addition, the Atex certification of conformity allows us to grant use of our pneumatic cylinders even in areas at risk of explosion, in accordance with current European Union legislation.

The pneumatic cylinder is a component that finds space for use in various fields. Our business is present in almost all sectors which are using pneumatic systems and industrial automation. In particular, our products are present in the packaging, food and beverage sectors, in in ceramics, wood, footwear, textiles and leather goods.

We just do this, and we do it well

To do one thing we learned to do a lots.

To precisely produce artfully made pneumatic cylinders we set up a sustainable system that covers several steps: internal training, research, design, production, customization, consultancy, sales, distribution, assistance, external training.

We chose to specialize in the design and production of a single pneumatic component, the cylinder, covering all its technical and use shades, to target our skills and create a precise product, suitable for the evolution of the market and the demands of customization of our customers.

The focus on the production of a single product and the experience in gained in over 40 years of activity, allow us to fee confident in what we do. We are sure to offer the market what it needs.

The pneumatic cylinder is a single component of a more complex system, it is an element that must be precise, because it is part of a mechanical context where high performances are required.

The new headquarters is large, functional, technological and 4.0

This challenge was initially a great dream, which we realized together, and which today it is a dream we live in with personal satisfaction and operational flexibility.

We understood that having a spacious, organized, highly technological place, able to host all company departments, it would have been a flagship for all our activities and, at the same time, an excellent business card for customers, suppliers and collaborators.

The works were finished in August 2019. Our new headquarters, spreading all over 5,200 square meters, is in Cento, near Ferrara, in the area that for us is “home”, where we grew and consolidated our skills. Our personal link to the values ​and to our territory in this way becomes stronger over time.

To enhance the functionality of this new business development, we also have made several investments oriented towards Industry 4.0: the creation of semi-automatic assembly lines has made it possible to automate some processes making it possible to interconnect management and mechanical production, to be able to control certain technical steps at a distance.

The heart of our company is made of the people who work here.

We have chosen to specialize by focusing on only one element of a large machine, the cylinder, because we think that every single piece makes a difference.

For the same reason, in in the management of our staff, we place the utmost trust in every single person in the team. The force to achieve the goals of our company comes from each of them, as they make their contribution, actively and in synergy with each step of business growth.
We believe in the value of relationships, in face-to-face meetings and handshakes, for a deep personal professional and corporate growth, in the exchange between different cultures to evolve and find new synergies.

Tradition, territory, family are part of our key words, in order to create a healthy and respectful collaboration environment. To lay important growth foundations every day for tomorrow’s results.
ARTEC Pneumatic has always been and still is a family-run company, which has been able to broaden its horizons, give space to collaborators who are prepared and attentive to shared professional values, to establish itself on the territory and throughout the world, thanks to a quality product that meets the specific demands of the market.

❝ It takes knowledge of the whole system to create each component which is part of it ❞