minicilindri serie O short artec poneumatic


Microcylinders with Smaller Dimensions

We have expanded our range of SERIE O micro cylinders with a new version dedicated to applications that require smaller dimensions of components on the machine.
The new SERIE O SHORT includes crimped round micro cylinders with stainless steel tube and anodized aluminium covers, in bores 16-20-25 mm, with AISI 303 or 316 stainless steel rod.
The dimensions are what differentiate this version from SERIE O cylinders in accordance with ISO 6432 standard. The total length, in fact, is shorter and therefore also the majority of the dimensions, as well as the dimensions of the fixing points.

Three different options are available: with integrated male rear hinge, with short rear head and connection at 90°, or with short head and connection on-axis.

Different types of rod seals are also available for this version of SERIE O cylinders, to adapt the cylinder to different environments. You can therefore choose between standard seals in PU, FKM seals for high temperatures or EM seals which are suitable for operating in aggressive environments.

To complete the range, accessories are available: nuts, clevises with clips, rod eyes, and magnetic sensors.

ARTEC Pneumatic‘s cylinders are produced and assembled in Artec’s headquarters in Cento (Ferrara, Italy), and thanks to the presence of the mechanical workshop which has more than 40 years of experience, it is also possible to request special executions.

All information and technical details of this product can be found in the specific page.