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Artec Pneumatic Pneumatic Cylinders

The best pneumatic cylinders: customized, powerful, precise, resistant, Made in Italy. They are designed, produced and distributed, in Italy and abroad for over 40 years, by Artec Pneumatic.

The Emilian company is specialized in the production of pneumatic cylinders for industrial automation. Tailor-made products to meet any need.

Pneumatic cylinders for industrial automation

Artec Pneumatic designs, produces and distributes pneumatic cylinders dedicated to industrial automation, in Italy and around the world.

Among the pneumatic cylinders offered: ISO standard cylinders, stainless steel cylinders, compact cylinders, round cylinders, short-stroke cylinders, rodless cylinders, CNOMO cylinders, pneumatic grippers, accessories and mountings. In addition to standard cylinders, the company is able to offer special versions, so as to satisfy every personalized request of the national and international market.

ISO standard cylinders

Fundamental components in industrial pneumatic systems: they ensure efficiency, reliability and reduction of maintenance costs. Compliance with ISO standards facilitates integration with other pneumatic components.

Stainless steel cylinders

Indispensable components for industrial applications where corrosion resistance and maximum hygiene are essential requirements. These cylinders feature an FDA certified rod seal, which makes them particularly suitable for the food & beverage sector.

Compact cylinders

Thanks to their small size, these cylinders are used in various industrial fields. They ensure installation flexibility, low weight, ease of integration into machines and production lines, easy handling and resistance to shocks and vibrations.

Round cylinders

Ideal for applications where available space is limited. Thanks to the caulking, their construction is robust and they are suitable for countless applications.

Short-stroke cylinders

Historical series of the company, they are available with both a profiled body and a smooth body machined from solid. They are robust and resistant cylinders that allow maximum precision in the small movements required by the applications.

Rodless cylinders

A compact and versatile solution for push and pull applications.

CNOMO cylinders

Cylinders that comply with the dimensions and measurements indicated by the CNOMO regulations.

Pneumatic grippers

They offer a powerful and precise grip. Thanks to their agility and pneumatic control, these grippers are useful for handling, assembly and picking operations.

Accessories for pneumatic cylinders

They optimize the performance of pneumatic cylinders which become versatile and adaptable solutions.

Pneumatic cylinder applications

Pneumatic cylinders are components that find space in various applications. Artec Pneumatic is present in almost all sectors with pneumatic and industrial automation systems. In particular, pneumatic cylinders are ideal for the packaging, food & beverage, ceramic, wood, footwear, textile and leather goods sectors.

Artec Pneumatic Services

Not just cylinders. Behind every Artec Pneumatic product there is a precise set of decisions, knowledge, ideas and processes that create a punctual and functional service. This is thanks to the deep knowledge of the sector, technological investments, research, continuous training and careful listening to requests. Fundamental elements for Artec Pneumatic to continue to evolve and improve technically for over 40 years.

Among the services offered by the company: consultancy, research, design, production, sales, assistance, training.

Artec Pneumatic: choose the best pneumatic cylinder for you.

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