On completion of the ISO 15552 range (SERIE H and SERIE U), pneumatic cylinders with Parker E8 rod seal (option ES) or with Parker EW rod seal (option WS) are now available.
The ES option is distinguished by the presence of the E8 rod seal, which combines three functions: sealing, wiping and holding in place. It also prevents dirt deposit at the front face of the cylinder. The WS option, on the other hand, is distinguished by the presence of the EW rod seal which combines the properties of the high-temperature seal with a metal scraper for environments that are particularly prone to dirt. In addition to the functions of sealing and fixing, this type of rod seal offers an extended wiping range while permanently protecting the piston rod against abrasive particles and the seal from excessive wear.
These two new options of rod seal are regularly available in stock, along with high-temperature seals (options VR and VA).

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