A dream come true, a more efficient and eco-friendlier environment.

Construction works for the new ARTEC Pneumatic headquarters lasted two years, from August 2017 to July 2019, and it was a very deep path for all the people involved. To see your dreams come true and to reach your goals is something wonderful and surprising.

Today we have been living in these areas, so spacious, technological, and functional, for more than two years. The new headquarters covers an area of over 5,000 square meters and gave us the opportunity to optimize the production process, in order to have all the production departments, assembly and offices in a single location. This had a very important impact in our business results.

Talking about satisfaction for the reached goals, our CEO, Graziano Gallerani, thinking about the new ARTEC Pneumatic headquarters always says: “In the past, when I started the business with my first artisan company, in the 70s, I did not imagine that one day I would need such a large area, like this one. In 2010, having and managing two warehouses was a huge step for me. Today, after two years since we are in this new headquarters of over 5,000 square meters and the company continues to grow, the space seemed great to me in 2019, is now the right size and is almost already a little tight! “

Because of the strong link we have with the territory, we took the decision to stay right here, in Cento, near Ferrara. The new location is strategic and better than in the past, because it overlooks a main suburban road.

We chose light and soft colours for the furniture, our goal was, from the beginning, to grant the best harmony and a welcoming work environment for the workers, who collaborate with us every day. We wanted to make the work environments as illuminated as possible through the natural light that filters from the outside. For this reason, the windows are at eye level in the production departments and there are glass windows in the offices: to bring the workers’ gaze towards the outside of the building, towards the natural environment that surrounds the headquarters. We believe that nature is a strong call for serenity.

The entire production site is very sensitive to a greater sustainability in every aspect. For this reason, the workstations are also illuminated by a dimmable lighting system, which illuminate correctly to promote energy saving, since they self-adjust to the natural brightness of the room. The photovoltaic system generates almost 100 kW of energy, adding the 200 kW produced by the system over the stock building for raw materials.

This project was followed by the architect Sofia Cattinari, we thank for the activity carried out and for the moments of sharing and growth during the develop.

In the video we share on this page you can see the construction steps of this dream. Because for us, building this company was a dream that has come true. And now we are ready to make the next one

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