ARTEC Pneumatic ever closer to its contacts

We are happy to start a series of activities, we have been working on for some time. Specially for ARTEC Pneumatic’s 40th birthday, we decided to refresh our communication.

We realized that more than 40 years of experience deserve a different way to tell our story, deeper, more aligned with our values, for the people which everyday spend life, time, attention, passion, and ideas to this company project.

And here, from an idea, we decided to start a path of new awareness, to better highline our values and what we want to share with people which work with us.

Starting from this project, new posts came to our social networks accounts, posts which increased in term of numbers and today are more prompt, to show the way we do our work, to pass information and useful insights about our products and our industry. And then we made the big step: we chose to renew the website as well, the one where you are reading this article.

Renewing all these things it is never easy for a company, in the flow of daily activities, despite our almost obsession for organization and punctuality.

There are some reflections which needs time, and some choices must be made calmly. The most important goal is to have a website that is more functional but also full of our ideas of profession and precision, our vision, and our values. Because the work is carried out by people, and people always have something magical to say. We are truly grateful for all the cooperation we have received in taking these steps.

Some collaborators were involved in first person to learn new aspects of marketing and their own profession, to talk about themselves and use different channels than usual to reach customers and suppliers.

A beautiful journey for us: the construction of new communication tools to carry forward over time.

Thanks to anyone who wants to celebrate this milestone with us. Each goal brings with it new responsibilities, and to these that we are oriented. We hope that our website will be useful for those who surf it, from now on.

The whole ARTEC Pneumatic Team


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