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Several years ago, precisely at the end of 2019, we embraced an initiative which, in our opinion, was truly important and which should be made even more known.

Thanks to Treedom, the first online platform in the world that allows you to plant trees with just one click, we have planted 200 cocoa trees in Cameroon.

Plants absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) and release oxygen (O2). They are in fact the “lungs” of our planet. This is why we chose to call our forest “The Best Way To Air”, which is also one of our key concepts that recalls the efficiency and reliability of our pneumatic cylinders.

In addition to the environmental benefits, planting trees in certain areas of the world also promotes economic development and generates job and income opportunities for those local populations who need them, bringing economic and social benefits. In fact, thanks to the fruits of these trees, the communities that host the Treedom forests have the opportunity to support themselves and start profitable economic activities for their well-being.

It is certainly a gesture that can be resolved in a quick click but it is an important and profound symbol, which reminds us how necessary it is, today more than ever, to invest in the environment and to care about the state of health of the Earth and the well-being of communities rural even far from ours.

Treedom trees can also be gifted to others, and we find it to be a truly precious gesture: donating a tree to offer a breath for nature and for our own survival, and to offer an economic and food opportunity to communities that need it.

Every tree that is planted by Treedom can be monitored and followed in its history thanks to geolocation, on a page of the Treedom website.

🔷 At this link you can follow the progress of our forest in Cameroon.

🔷 In this video Treedom’s forestry manager and the local partner in Cameroon talk about the differences between the cocoa varieties in the plantation.

We are really happy to participate in this green initiative and we hope that more and more people and companies can do so.
What stimulates us is also knowing that part of ARTEC Pneumatic’s daily commitment is dedicated to the well-being of nature and to the support of less industrialized communities.

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